The Texas Intercollegiate Swing Battle (TXISB) is an opportunity for universities across Texas to come together and share their love of swing dancing through collaboration, learning, and competition! TXISB started in 2018, and 2020 will be our third annual event.

TXISB will consist of a day of workshops and dancing specifically catering to college-age dancers across Texas. We'll be hosting classes during the day for our student attendees and in the evening we'll have a dance that's open to everyone, college student or otherwise!

This year, TXISB will be hosted by Texas A&M University on February 29th, 2020!


Museum of the American GI19124 TX-6 S, College Station, Texas 77845

Hosts of TXISB

Event YearHost School
2018The University of Texas at Austin
2019The University of Texas at Austin
2020Texas A&M University